At Apotex, our commitment to Canadians is reflected in the production of our medications — 88% are manufactured right here in Canada. Additionally, anything not produced domestically is still tested in Canada, to ensure strict compliance with safety standards and regulations. This means both patients and our partners can rest assured that supply is close to home, so it’s there when they need it.

We are also committed to offering the widest amount of coverage of any generic manufacturer in Canada. We have amassed the largest generic portfolio in Canada. As a result, 1 in every 5 prescriptions filled domestically is manufactured by Apotex. In fact, we manufacture more products than any other company for the Canadian marketplace.

And we’re only getting started. We have over 200 molecules in development over the next 5 years for the Canadian market alone, which includes difficult to commercialize products.

Being near your backyard, with product that’s always close to home. Just another reason why you can count on Apotex.

Featured Facilities

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Our Etobicoke facility at a glance:

  • First established in 1993
  • Employs over 1,200 people
  • Construction (from breaking ground to completion) took 24 months
  • Voted one the five best new pharmaceutical plants in the world by the ISPE (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering)
  • Boasts a footprint of more than 600,000 square feet
  • Houses over $50 million in technical and QA (quality assurance) equipment
  • 15,000 square feet of laboratory space dedicated to QA alone
  • In 2005, underwent a $250 million expansion increasing capacity from 2 billion to 8 billion doses per year
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Richmond Hill

Our Richmond Hill facility at a glance:

  • Employs 725 people
  • Has a footprint of over 360,000 square feet
  • Produces the following types of products:
    • Ophthalmic Solutions
    • Nasal Solutions and Suspensions; Topical Solutions; Oral Solutions
  • Annual production volume of more than 40 million units/bottles
  • Supplies products to 15 markets, including Canada, USA, Australia, EU and Russia
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Our Winnipeg facility at a glance:

  • Employs over 100 people
  • 95,000-square-foot research and development/manufacturing/warehousing facility with a separate 12,000-square-foot office building
  • Engaged in research and development (R&D) and production of fermentation-based pharmaceutical products
    • Total fermentation capacity is over 100,000 litres, including fermenters from 20- to 30,000-litre capacity
    • R&D is focused on the development and optimization of commercially viable processes for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
    • R&D covers a broad range of scientific disciplines, including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Biochemical Engineering
    • Carries out production of APIs on a commercial scale the largest available of all Apotex plants